Voices of my customers

Names of customers remain confidential

"....It was really my pleasure and I am full with gratitude for your support and help for my job application. I got accepted at …. in Dubai thanks to your comments and feedback to my C.V. …."

R. S., Consultant, Berlin 2019

"(Ellen )..was knowledgeable, well organised, clear, engaging and responsive, the coaching sessions have met my professional development needs. I have felt supported to critically reflect on my practice ... and been able to identify some unexpected areas of learning. Ellen has the skills and the tools to coach managers and sales representatives in communication... the coaching sessions will help one to realize what exactly he / she has to focus on and will teach some tactics for that. Ellen’s suggestions on how to connect with the audience and strike a chord with them early in the conversation / presentation was very useful. These suit everyone in every role…"

E.V. Groupon, 2017

"Ms. Ellen Schneider is a sought-after expert on Leadership in Management. Her extensive knowledge on challenges faced by managers in the top rungs of German and global companies in the strategic areas of decision-making and stakeholder management, motivated me to acquire her for seminars on leadership at our University of Applied Sciences ISM Hamburg. Ms. Schneider designed her seminars to meet the theoretical and practical requirements of our audience and these she delivered to our utmost satisfaction in the English language. Herewith, I thank her for her excellent work and wish her the best for all her ventures."

Prof. Cordelia Friesendorf, ISM, Hamburg, 2014

"Ellen is an effective and thoughtful Executive Coach & Trainer for business communication. She was able to turn around my profile and offered her best services and advice on my CV in English. She brought consistently valuable insight and external perspective to my business communication needs, and she made improvements to what I already had.  She is always polite, passionate, and a pleasure to get valuable insight and knowledge from."

Allyson P., Business Development & Communications Specialist,  Berlin 2014

"Ellens coaching style is encouraging and motivating. This empowering combination empowers her clients to tap into their leadership potential...…her valuabel and focused feedback creates an environment in which professional transformation can flourish.“

l.P, Consultant,  2014

“amazing what kind of insight I got out of a short coaching period. You made me question my beliefs and habits. I might even change them”

K.P. Manager, Bayer Pharma 2012

My corporate clients have included:

  • Bayer Health Care
  • Bayer AG
  • BASF Berlin
  • Landesbetrieb Berlin Energie
  • Concert GmbH, Falkenhagen
  • Edenspiekermann AG Berlin
  • Linde Group, Hannover
  • Projekt Elektronik GmbH, Berlin
  • Schlosspark Klinik, Berlin
  • Strato AG Berlin
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