Professional Experience

Over 20 years experience in coaching and consulting for the public and private sector:


My Areas of expertise

The Responsibilities of Leadership:

Are you an up-and-coming manager who has just recently been given more responsibility? If so, I can help you strengthen your core competencies and develop a vital new set of key skills you'll need to lead others such as techniques for more effective problem solving and decision making; the importance of delegating tasks and how best to do this; supervising others and evaluating results; how to set goals and maximize performance; and how to motivate people and develop a pro-active organization.


The Secrets to Self-Management

Good leaders manage themselves. We'll work on: defining your leadership role; developing one's self-awareness and emotional intelligence; dealing with criticism, stress and anger; identifying one's weaknesses and strengths; techniques for  time management and completing tasks; the dynamics of power and authority; as well as self-discipline, preventing burnout and increasing your self-confidence.


The Keys to Effective Communication

In these consultations we'll work on the skills and techniques good leaders use to communicate their message more effectively. In addition to studying areas such as conflict management and how to deal with difficult people, we'll focus on the fundamentals of body language, speech dynamics, diction and tone and other tools you can use to connect with others and convey your key points in an engaging manner.

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